A Variety of New Homes

We're targeting to deliver over 2,600 new high quality homes, with 40% being affordable housing.  At least 500 of these will be council homes at council rents. We will provide a mix of home types and sizes, so that local people have maximum choice.

Each of our thoughtfully designed homes will be modern , safe and high quality. The homes will benefit from:

  • Higher performance windows and improved soundproofing to make homes peaceful places to live
  • Each home will have access to a private outdoor space, such as a balcony, garden or patio
  • Homes will benefit from enhanced insulation, making them more efficient all year round. This also means less money spent on energy bills
  • All homes will be fitted with modern kitchens and bathrooms
A Series of Public and Green Spaces

We’re creating a new public park for the whole community, including a children’s play area. We’re also delivering a green grid to connect all parts of High Road West.

High Road West will benefit from a new public square which will become the new civic heart of the neighbourhood. Our masterplan will deliver:

  • Flexible spaces to socialise and hold community events throughout the year
  • Green walking routes connecting business uses in the north to civic uses in the south
  • Flat lawns for football and group sports
  • Quiet corners to sit and relax
  • Interactive features for children and families to enjoy
Jobs – Workspaces, Businesses and Retail

The project will bring new work opportunities, business's and retail spaces in an enhanced town to support the local economy. We’re investing in initiatives to ensure local people benefit from the substantial new employment, education and training opportunities.

We will work with existing businesses to ensure they grow and thrive through a dedicated investment programme and provide opportunities to move into the new spaces within High Road West.

High Road West will bring:

  • Spaces for local makers and businesses
  • A dedicated business support programme for local businesses to build greater resilience
  • Lively and exciting places for people to shop and visit
  • Flexible smaller spaces to host pop-up markets or restaurants throughout the year
  • Public realm improvements from the High Road into the new neighbourhood and civic square
New Community and Leisure Facilities

We will work with the community to deliver new community buildings, including a world-class Library and Learning Centre, with particular emphasis on skills development for young people.

Our investment programme will address issues of inequality and build community capacity.

The refurbished Grange Community Hub will be made accessible to all.

High Road West will deliver a range of community spaces and facilities, including:

  • New Library and Learning Centre
  • Refurbished Grange Community Hub
  • A £10million investment into socio-economic outcomes