Lendlease has employed a local Assistant Community Engagement Officer to work as part of the High Road West project team. A main objective for the was to find a local resident who knows the area of  Tottenham.

Following the interview process, we selected 23 year old local resident Corey Newton who has lived in Tottenham for over ten years. Corey was recruited through the charity A Band of Brothers (ABOB) who work with young men involved in the criminal justice system, providing them with the support they need to make the transition into adulthood free of crime and full of connection, purpose and meaning. Be Onsite, a non-profit company, helped in the selection process. They are dedicated to helping disadvantaged people to make a positive change in their life.Corey said: “Before I started this job role there were limited opportunities within the local area. I applied for 220 jobs and only four organizations got back to me which left me with a feeling of hopelessness. The eight months I was unemployed drove me crazy as I have always been a proactive and hardworking individual. 

“During the interview I thought I would be judged on my background and run ins with the law. I was worried they would ask a question I didn’t have the answer to but the three members of the Lendlease team were welcoming and made me feel at ease. I spoke about my own personal experiences and the limitations within the area for young people. I have always wanted to help other people and this was a chance for me to do this.” 

“The opportunity to work with Lendlease has been exciting and even though I didn’t know what it would be like, there was no need to worry because everyone has been so helpful and friendly. I am learning about community engagement and developing other life skills

“As a community engagement officer, I speak with members of the community to find out what their concerns are and helping reassure them. The role also consists of retaining data in my case things  relating to youth of Haringey and what interest they have and what projects they want to see launched for the youth of Tottenham. My first event was the Love Lane estate residents summer BBQ where I helped teach the kids football skills like passing. There was also face painting. The position has also had a positive effect on my family’s life. “My parents are proud of what I have achieved. Both they and I realize that opportunities such as this are not easy to come by.”

“I am considering working towards a university qualification within real estate management, My vision for the future is that crime in Haringey will decrease. There are people who have made the wrong choices within their life and want to change I want those people to know there is opportunities for them out their such as the High Road West project which will help people in their careers and life.”