A priority for the project team was to find someone who knows the local area in Tottenham, and who is able to work with the communications manager to run the website and social media channels. 

Lendlease worked with WhiteHat, an apprenticeship agency focusing on non-traditional apprenticeships, to find the right candidate. Following an interview process, Kai Bishop, a 17 year-old who studied at secondary school and college in Tottenham, was selected.

Kai said: “This opportunity to work with Lendlease is along the lines of what work I’ve always aspired to do, focusing on English and Media at all stages of my education. I’m now a Digital Marketing Apprentice, specifically working on the High Road West project. My role consists of bringing team-wide information together and turning it into content for Twitter and our website.

“It was a challenging but fruitful effort to get the job as I applied whilst still in college. I knew where I wanted to go and that an apprenticeship – especially with a company like Lendlease – would prove more rewarding for me personally. Now I am learning both subject and life skills, working towards a qualification and earning a wage. Although everything has worked out, at first it was a vertical wall to climb convincing my parents, college and Lendlease that I should get this role.”

“A massive thank you to the entire Lendlease team for a warm welcome; everyone made me feel comfortable in the workplace during my initial few weeks and continue to do so on into my stay. A friendly conversation, the access to food and drink and the perks of the job all go a long way and ensure for healthy and productive work. Although it’s a professional company with work that represents that, there is a great human feel in the office that makes for a nice atmosphere.

“Getting to work here as an apprentice has opened up my view of where I can go with my career. I have – and will continue to – learn transferable skills that will stay with me for life and prove useful in my next steps. I plan to go into very similar work once I have completed my eighteen month stay.

“As for the future of the work I’m focusing on, I hope I can have an impact however small on the regeneration of Tottenham’s High Road West. I spent two years in total in the Northumberland Park area giving me a personal insight into the happenings and needs of local people. In an ideal scenario I would see the residents and locals affected by the regeneration assisted in ways that are meaningful to them. I want them to be happy with both the build and the ways they’ve been benefitted by the project on a personal level.”