Lendlease has teamed up with some of the worlds bests architects, engineers and community planners to deliver this change.

Who are they?

Landscape architect - LDA design is landscape architecture firm which focusses on creating liveable spaces for the local people. In 2017 LDA design was the winner of Three Awards for their commitment to innovative and sustainable design.

Architect (Whitehall Mews) - Pollard Thomas Edwards (PTE) specialise in the creation of new neighbourhoods. They strive to create thriving and sustainable spaces for local people. In 2017 alone, they were the Winner of 25 Awards for excellence in design, innovation and planning

Masterplanner - Studio Egret West are experts in creating community spaces by combining urban planning with architecture. They are best known for a number of their high profile works such as the Library Building (2013), Park Hill (2013) and East Croydon Bridge (2014).

Transport consultant - Steer Davies Gleave is a leading firm in transport planning. They provide a multi-disciplinary and innovative approach to designing reliable and sustainable transport facilities and safe spaces for pedestrians and cyclists.

Infrastructure consultant - Gattica Associates will work to provide infrastructural consultation in the High Road West Project. They have recently been involved in the construction of a number of highways, developments and civil engineering projects across the UK. 

Town planning consultant - GL Hearn is a specialist in residential, commercial and infrastructure planning. They focus particularly on environmental planning, strategic development, site promotion and expert witness support. 

Civil and structural engineers - Robert Bird Group is an engineering firm, with expertise in highway design in their civil engineering capacity.  In 2017 the Robert Bird Group was named in The Australian Financial Review’s 50 Most Innovative companies.

Community engagement - Soundings will be providing support in engaging the local community in the planning process. This will ensure that members of the local community and key stake holders needs are met in the West Highland Road Project.